Stunning contemporary homes through innovative construction.

How we can help you build beautiful contemporary spaces.

Whether you’re just venturing into the build process,currently working with an architect or you have approved plans ready to go, we can help you turn your contemporary home vision into reality.

We innovate

Innovative construction is at the heart of what we do. We’re constantly finding innovative products and processes to streamline our builds, improving the comfort and function of our innovative homes or overcoming the obstacles of challenging sites and projects. We are always evolving, increasing the speed of our builds while focusing on high-end quality.

We design

Good design starts with good communication. Our team will meet with you to understand your goals and budget for your build.

We can work with you to develop a design concept, link you with architects, draftsman, interior designers or collaborate with your team to develop a custom design that fits your needs. But the choice is yours – be involved in as little or as much as you want. We’ll then provide you with an estimate of costs and if it fits your budget, we’ll prepare a detailed tender for the project.

We can make your life easy with managing the entire process from design conception, selections and Council lodgements right through to construction completion. To take full advantage of our knowledge and experience, talk to us from the pre-construction stage.

Or, if you already have your plans approved and want your project built, we can do that too. We can work through how your design will practically translate onsite and troubleshoot any potential building challenges, all within the budget that you have. 

We build

We build contemporary homes for people to live simply and beautifully. So we simplify the process of building for you through established systems for safety, quality control and timeline management. You’ll benefit from our online client portal where you can keep track of the project and communicate with our team in one handy location, 24/7. Because we understand that for you, it’s not just a project, it’s the beginning of a new life. And we want to make getting there as easy as possible.