About Us

We believe in living beautifully.

We’re a Sydney-based custom residential building and design company, established in 2010. But we’re built differently to other home builders. We don’t just build houses, we build homes that help you live simply and beautifully. 

Because we’re about more than building a place for you to rest your head or cook a meal. We’re here to help you surround yourself with beauty and function, and create a lifestyle that works for you.

We genuinely love architecture and building. We believe in the transformative nature of a built space and how your environment has the power to enhance your life. And we understand that before we break ground, the most important thing to build is our relationships – with you and the key people involved in each project. We simplify the process of building so that you get a better experience and a better outcome.

Whether you’ve got architectural plans ready to go or you need a trusted partner for the complete process from design to delivery, our team can work with you to turn your dream into a reality.

Creative home designs & quality construction

We build beautiful and luxurious spaces that have your lifestyle at their heart. When we design, we focus on creating free-flowing, harmonious and functional spaces custom-made to be comfortably lived in, enjoyed and admired. And we do it all with your budget in mind while maintaining a commitment to quality construction.

Innovation built into our process

What sets us apart is our focus on innovation. We stay at the forefront of new and exciting ways to build, and we’re constantly crafting a better outcome for you. From our contemporary approaches like reverse building, to using innovative products such as prefabricated panelised wall and floor cassette systems and other off-site manufacturing, we make sure your home is built in a way that meets your vision while considering your budget.